Our Services

Packing and Crating

Lotus is proud of its highly experienced technical team. Combining their knowledge and experience with the best conservation grade packing materials, and custom-made crating solutions, provides a bespoke and safe packing solution for any object. This could be a Monumental bronze sculpture, a Pastel work on paper, ancient ceramic antiquities or even digital artworks.


Our offices in Hong Kong and Singapore, connect longstanding local air and sea freight relationships with the Hasenkamp and ARTIM networks to enable Lotus to have a global reach. We are able to confirm the most urgent or unusual bookings whether they be door to door (DTD) or door to port (DTP) shipments with competitive pricing.

For special shipments, airport supervision can be arranged to ensure priority handling and guaranteed departure.

Lotus professionals will handle all the customs paperwork, customs declaration, coordination and administrative requirements on your behalf.


Our highly experienced technical crew are competent installing a museum show with curators, or working with commercial gallery directors. We have experience of major projects for Art fairs and auction houses, but are also able to give the individual a personal service and advice, when delivering and installing a new artwork in their home.


Lotus climate-controlled storage facilities are actively managed to maintain an art ideal 22 degrees Celsius, 50%RH.  They are monitored by the latest CCTV camera and motion technology with feeds back to staff, the security company and police.  Along with modern fire prevention and suppression equipment, our storage offers both the safest and most secure environment for your valuable artwork.

We also have a large viewing room with professional gallery lighting, in case stored artworks need to be viewed or displayed

Viewing Room

In a city like Hong Kong where space is always at a premium, we have a space to display even the biggest painting or sculpture.

Our viewing room is the highest specification, 8.5 x 6.5 meters with a 4 meter ceiling, re enforced walls, full height access doors, and ERCO gallery specification lighting, we can make any artwork look its best, whether for a commercial private viewing or just appreciating works from a stored collection.